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The Next Generation of Commerce

Our platform allows users to get started selling within minutes. Featuring a complete e-commerce store designed specifically for the sales and delivery of digital products and services with tons of free and exciting features.

Easy Customer Communication

In a digital world communication can make or break an online business. So, we've included a built-in messaging system and livechat support to enable you to respond to customers at your convenience. Hiring support staff? Not a problem, our system allows custom livechat accounts for the whole team.

Automatic Delivery & Order Tracking

Using our platform, digital goods can be automatically delivered with a trackable download link. This not only helps safeguard your products from link sharing but also prevents fraud by logging all necessary information.

Custom Pricing & Coupons

To provide our best customer experience, we've included a suite of tools to allow you to take full advantage of product sales. A few of our most popular include pay-what-you-want pricing, customizable coupons, marketing emails, and a custom analytics panel.

Affiliate Promotions

Our number one goal is to grow your business. To achieve this, we've developed an affiliate tracking system which enables you to extend your sales network through a multitude of affiliate users free of charge.
Start accepting a variety of payment options today!

A single gateway with unlimited possibilities

Join thousands of sellers already earning a living from home by selling files, programs, activation codes, software, services and more. We give you the tools you need to sell your digital products and content without hassle. Accept PayPal, Bitcoin, credit cards, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and more through our secure checkout process. Products are automatically delivered to your buyer upon payment. We're free to join and have no monthly fees.
Beautiful Product Page

Our product page allows you to sell your digital items without having to go through the hassle of setting up a website. You can even embed buy buttons to your existing website or blog.

Product Protection

We have built in tools to ensure that only your customers can access your product. With pdf watermarking, ip limitations and tracking, you can ensure that your products are not being leaked.

Multiple Payment Methods

By accepting a variety of payment options and methods such as PayPal, Stripe (credit cards), Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and more, you can ensure that every demographic has the ability to purchase your product.

Free Products

In order to build your audience, you can offer free downloads and license free software. Pair this with our marketing tools for maximum affect!

Fraud Database and Blacklist

In addition to adding previous scammers to your blacklist, you can also prevent buyers from purchasing through a proxy or VPN if desired.

IPN System

With our IPN System, you can easily integrate with your existing system. Receive a post request every time a buyer has purchased a product..

Extensive Analytics

With our extensive analytics engine, you can easily find out where your leads come from, which marketing tactics stick and gain essential insights that will help you grow your sales.

E-mail Marketing

By using our built-in email marketing tools, you can let your customers know about your promotions and updates regarding your products and services.

Affiliate System

You can use Rocketr's affiliate system to exponentially increase your products’ visibility thus also increasing your earnings.

Messaging System

You can use our built-in messaging system to easily contact buyers and receive messages from potential buyers, all without having to leave your dashboard.


You can easily create discount coupons to captivate potential and existing customers. Coupons can offer a flat or percentage rate off and can be set to expire after a certain period or number of uses.

Customer Feedback

Using our customer feedback and rating system you'll work to boost sales by providing reliable feedback from past customers to future ones.

All free features
Unlimited Products
Email Marketing
Priority Support
2% transaction fee on non-Paypal payments
1% transaction fee on Paypal payments
No monthly or setup fees
Up to 50 products
Supports all product types
Multiple cryptocurrency support
PayPal & Stripe support
PDF stamping
Integrable IPN System
Flexible payment and order systems
5% transaction fee on non-Paypal payments
2.5% transaction fee on Paypal payments
Custom pricing
Rocketr offers custom solutions for larger businesses. Please contact our sales team for more info.