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Rocketr's Payments platform allows you to accept a variety of payment methods from a single dashboard location. We allow you to combining today's top payment methods such as PayPal and credit cards with the payments of tomorrow through cryptocurrency.

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With our API you can easily customize checkouts to accept a variety of payment methods. Our API also allows for webhooks and instant payment notification that notify your application when an order is completed. Integration with the API is made simple and requires few lines of code. Explore our example below or visit the API documentation for more info.
Requesting a payment (Method 1)

$o = new \RocketrPayments\Order(); $o->setPaymentMethod(\RocketrPayments\PaymentMethods::BitcoinPayment); $o->setAmount(12.31); $o->setNotes('This is an test note'); $o->setBuyerEmail('[email protected]'); $o->addCustomField('internal_id', '2195342212'); $o->setIpnUrl(''); $result = $o->createOrder(); echo 'Please send ' . $result['paymentInstructions']['amount'] . $result['paymentInstructions']['currencyText'] . ' to ' . $result['paymentInstructions']['address'];
Response after requesting a payment

  "success": true,
  "paymentInstructions": {
    "amount": 0.002457,
    "address": "16Esi8BCkmuAzftK3KwSL1g3YrejD4GE13",
    "confirms": 3,
    "currencyText": "BTC",
    "qrImage": "",
    "orderIdentifier": "4a58bdfd9e89"
  "orderIdentifier": "4a58bdfd9e89",
  "invoiceIdentifier": "i_ef29d1eab46f",
  "links": {
    "invoice": ""
Looking for something simpler? Explore our custom checkout buttons for a copy and paste HTML solution. Creation is simple and embedding can be done in as little as one step! Visit our custom button generator below by visiting the Accept Payments tab in your Rocketr Payments account.
Our Point-of-Sale app allows you to easily accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin payments from your phone or tablet device. This is ideal for restaurants, food trucks, shops, and other brick and mortar locations. The PoS allows for custom tipping, email receipts, custom order IDs, and much more!

Click here to download our POS App from Apple App Store.
Already have an online store? Interested in integrating with checkout and e-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce or Shopify? Look no further, Rocketr's integration team is hard at work building new and exciting plugins for all of your favorite eCommerce platforms! Click to install makes this a goto feature for some of our favorite digital entrepreneurs. View our setup video below to see integration made easy on WooCommerce.
With Rocketr's emailable invoices, billing a client has never been easier! In only seconds you can generate custom billing slips for your customer to pay in a currency of her choice. This feature is coming soon.
Start accepting a variety of payment options today!

A single payment gateway with unlimited possibilities

Our Payments platform allows you to easily integrate cryptocurrency payment methods such as Bitcoin and Ethereum with traditional payment methods such as credit cards or PayPal. Using our tools you can easily accept multiple payment options on your website through our API, in-store with our Point-of-Sale app, or invoice clients directly through your Rocketr dashboard!
Multiple payment methods

Rocketr allows you to accept multiple payment methods under on roof. From Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin to Paypal and Stripe and more.

Simple integrations

With Rocketr Payments integration is made as simple as point and click then copy and paste. It's that quick!

Customer support

We pride ourselves on great customer support. Our dedicated integration engineers and support staff are there every step of the way.

Low fees

With an industry low fee of 0.50% on all Rocketr Payments transactions you can't afford to miss out!

per successful order
No setup, monthly or hidden fees
Flexible payment and order systems
All-in-one dashboard management
Rocketr offers a full suite of tools to run multiple payment gateways at scale without hastle.
Custom pricing available upon request