[Wrobot] Horde 1-300 Skinning (Vanilla + TBC) 100% AFK

[Wrobot] Horde 1-300 Skinning (Vanilla + TBC) 100% AFK

About This File

I am releaseing my 1-300 Skinning Profile today! This is a very advanced profile, and i dont expect there to be any bugs what so ever.

You can stop this profile at any time, and start it and it will pickup where it left off.

Human Master Plugin: Please turn off "Blacklist groups and highlevel mobs" Please turn off "Use Smart Pulls" These settings have been confirmed to cause problems for the bot!


DISCORD (Profile Support) ---



  • Future Updates will be AUTOMATIC Very Soon!
  • Will automatically TURN ON Skinning, and TURN OFF " Ninja" Each time you Start the profile.
  • Each spot was chosen based on location and mob avalability.
  • Will automatically train
  • Will automatically buy Skinning knife
  • Will automatically Add items to Do Not Sell list.
  • Will Run your character to each spot instead of forcing wrobot to make a path.
  • Thousand Needles elevator Support
  • Will use custom code to FLY when needed
  • Will gather all flight paths on its way, even if you have them.


  • Human Master Plugin by Matenia - This is my #1 most recommended plugin for ANY bot user. This thing has so much functionality and usage i cant even list it.
  • Paid Fight Classes by Matenia (All his FC's are Amazing.) Melee DPS should invest for Ranged Pulling. - https://rocketr.net/sellers/Schaka
  • Move During Combat by Droidz - Absolutely required for ANY melee DPS (even Priests)
  • Vanilla Flight Master - HORDE by FNV - Definitely one of the most important plugins one can get. (Read the post)
  • Vanilla Flight Master - ALLIANCE by FNV - Again, highly recommended because it saves you so much time.
  • Auto Pet Feeder (Hunters) - Requried for any hunter, will feed your pet.
  • Vanilla Clam Opener by Bambo - Required if you are farming mobs that drop clams ( My profile does NOT. so this is not required.)
  • iTalents by Jasabi - This addon is highly recommended for anybody who wants to bot 100% afk. It will auto train your talents for you so you dont have to. (Read the HOW TO on the post.)


  1. Download
  2. Put file into "Wrobot / Profiles / Quester" Folder
  3. Load bot.
  4. Select Quest Bot
  5. Select file.
  6. Click start.



    HORDE 1-300 Skinning 100% AFK Profile (5$) https://rocketr.net/buy/6565e894a371


    Discord - https://discord.gg/k3jzdk



Seller: Tarud

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