Rocketr: Say Hello To Our New Name And Other Updates

Rocketr: Say Hello To Our New Name And Other Updates

Oh and a free giveaway at the end 🙂
Over the last week, we have been doing some major updates to Rocketr (formerly sellnow). In this e-mail we will outline some changes and what this means for you.

Rocketr’s New Domain

We have moved away from and changed our URL to Although this is a big change, all your current URLS will still work. All you need to do is replace “” with “”. Please note that for the next 30 days, you will still be able to receive emails to (in addition to In addition to the new domain, we have also changed our homepage to be more user friendly. Check it out here.

Features, features, features

Over the past couple weeks, we have added and perfected many Rocketr features. In addition to this, we have now switched out of beta mode and have implemented our Voyager system.

  • No more invite system. That’s right, now anyone can register. Be sure to tell your friends!
  • E-mail marketing: We now offer powerful e-mail marketing tools that you can use to let your customers know about your promotions and updates regarding your products and services. Keep your customer base engaged.
  • Free Products: In order to build your audience, you can offer free downloads and license free software. Then you can use our e-mail marketing tool to market your products to users that downloaded your free products. 🙂
  • And much more…

Amazon Gift Card and Voyager Giveaway

We know the last week has been tough. We should have informed our merchants of our domain change sooner. We understand that we have made mistakes during our launch. While a $25 Amazon Giveaway and Free Voyager for 6 months might not fix our previous mistakes, we hope this giveaway and our promise to do things better in the future might give you some consolation. You can access the giveaway here.

Saad, Rob, and the Rocketr Team