Payment Gateways Do Not Have to be Stressful

Payment Gateways Do Not Have to be Stressful

Rocketr - a stress free payment gatewayTime and time again we see unlucky individuals struggling with the the giant that is payment gateways and payment processors. Whether it’s issues with dealing with the payment processor themselves, chargebacks and disputes due to fraudsters, or simply not wanting to put the vast amount of personal information required onto the internet; we know how scary of an experience it may be. However, payment gateways do not have to be stressful. Enter Rocketr, a stress free payment gateway. We simplify buying and selling on the internet.

Multiple payment methods, one dashboard.

Tired of having to manage all your payment methods through too many different sites? So are we. That’s why we group several different processors into our easy to navigate dashboard. Accept PayPal, Bitcoin, Ether, Stripe, Perfect Money, and more with ease, leaving you more time to deal with everything else. With customizable options such as coupons, variable pricing, required cryptocoin confirmations, and more, you’ll be able to tailor your sales requirements exactly the way you want.

Payment gateways should help promote products.

We believe that payment gateways should provide their users with tools and features to aid in the promotion of their products and services. That’s why Rocketr offers features such as email marketing to help you inform your buyers about updates or new deals that you offer. We even optimize your store and products for search engines to help customers find you.