[Vanilla/TBC] Bambos 1 to 60 Horde Quester

[Vanilla/TBC] Bambos 1 to 60 Horde Quester

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ATTENTION: This does not work with official classic! If you are looking for a botting solution for classic WoW please join my special discord: BAMBOS CLASSIC BOTTING DISCORD

Hey Wrobot Community,

  • Active Development
  • Auto Updating Profile
  • Levels from 1 to 60 with over 400 quests!
  • Grinders are only built in as Backup!
  • Every Start Zone supported
  • Just one Profile - Easy to handle!
  • Important Class Quests implemented!
  • Future Updates will contain more questing content and fixes
  • Built in Continent Transitions with Zeppelins/Boats
  • Built in Vendor Database


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