Sample Product Page and All Features List

Sample Product Page and All Features List

Main Site:

All Features:


  • Sell files, codes, netseal products, services
  • 100MB max filesize for uploads
  • Netseal integration
  • Customizable IPN
  • Several options for 2 Factor Authentication
  • PDF Stamping
  • Customizable store pages
  • Email marketing tools
  • Set your own amount of required Bitcoin confirmations
  • Dynamic Checkout pages
  • Clean, seller friendly seller panel
  • Clean, buyer friendly and tested, non-branded purchase pages
  • Customizable product groups
  • View detailed analytics
  • Accept multiple payment types
  • Coupon system
  • IPN System
  • Custom e-mail upon delivery
  • Product images
  • Proper product descriptions
  • Hide products from seller page
  • For file products:
  • PDF stamping
  • Limit downloads to IP
  • View number of downloads per unique link
  • Create links for non-buyers

For serial/code products:

  • Purchase more than one at once
  • Easily copy codes to test them

For netseal products:

  • Create custom licenses
  • View licenses created


  • Receive emails at [email protected]
  • Invoice emails sent (at least for crypto payments)
  • E-mails sent with DKIM to ensure author identity
  • Easily respond to messages from buyers using our messaging system.

E-mail marketing:

  • Target specific subsets of customers
  • View opens/clicks/delivery and other metrics.
  • E-mails sent with DKIM to ensure author identity

Buyer Blacklist:

  • Block buyers based on VPNs and proxys
  • Block buyers by ip, email and country code.
  • Block buyers added by other members (if you choose global blacklist).
  • Receive emails when someone from your blacklist tries to purchase.
  • Configure blacklist options on a per product basis.

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Recommended Price: $1.00

Minimum Price: $0.50


Seller: Saad

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