[Vanilla] Gold Making Plugin - Multi IP

[Vanilla] Gold Making Plugin - Multi IP

CLASSIC WOW BOT NEEDED?: Checkout www.baneto-wow.com for an official classic/tbc/bfa wow bot! We have GRINDING, QUESTING, GATHERING, DUNGEONS, BATTLEGROUNDS, CRAFTING and much much more!

DISCLAIMER: You are buying a digital copy of a product. Refunds are not and will never be possible. If you proceed to buy this product, you agree to these terms.

ATTENTION: This does not work with official classic! Checkout www.baneto-wow.com for an official classic/tbc/bfa wow bot!

A Plugin for Wrobot that is dedicated to farm items, gather materials, craft things. Anything that can help you to make alot of gold.

Currently supported expansions: Vanilla

Next Expansion: TBC



Order System: Tell the plugin what items you want the bot to farm, go to bed, wake up to a full inventory containing the stuff you asked the bot to get.

Automated Updates: Do you have a good idea for a farm? Did you find a bug? My auto updater will deliver content without annyoing redownloads.

Many Routes: I am using both continents for effective farms and gold making methods.

Raw Gold Farms: You do not want to farm items? No problem, use my raw gold feature.

You do not need to be High Level: From Copper Ore to Silk Cloth or raw gold starting from level 30, make your leveling experience easier with a big stack of gold.

Active Support: Join my Discord to get full support on all of my products.Contains:Herbalism Routes (every Herb of WoW)Mining Routes (every Ore of WoW)Skinning Routes (every Leather of WoW)Cloth Routes (every Cloth of WoW)Raw Gold Farms (30+, 40+, 50+, 60)BOE Farms (Grinds in high level zones for epics)


Intelligent Continent Switching

Randomized Paths


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