Video 1 of 3 of the 2019 hodl series (2k in 10 coins)

Video 1 of 3 of the 2019 hodl series (2k in 10 coins)

OPTIONAL: You can buy ALL videos for $99 + get access to a telegram group where you will be able to ask questions & get updates related to the 2019 hodl series throughout the year. Details here:

Video 1 of 3 - Portfolio allocation & initial investment:

This video is 30 minutes long. I show the exact portfolio allocation for $2k in 10 coins. Then I show proof of my initial investment, which coins I already bought & at what prices. Note that the list of coins I'm watching but I haven't bought yet could change from now & until the release of the video #2. To keep track of the investment throughout the year & to be able to show the exact results in one year from now, I created an online portfolio at cryptocompare & added the coins I already bought. Then I go into details about the fundamentals of the coins I picked & why I consider them a good investment to buy & hold for 1 year.


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