2019 hold series (2k in 10 cryptos)

2019 hold series (2k in 10 cryptos)

Watch me invest 2k in 10 coins & hold till 2020.

This purchase includes: 3 videos + access to a Telegram group where you can ask questions & get updates related to the 2019 hodl series throughout the year. The link to download the 1st video will be sent to your email automatically as soon as payment is complete. The link to the 2nd video will be emailed to you as soon as the video is released.


Video #1 Portfolio allocation & initial investment:

This video is 30 minutes long. I show the exact portfolio allocation for $2k in 10 coins. Then I show proof of my initial investment, which coins I already bought & at what prices. Note that the list of coins I'm watching but I haven't bought yet could change from now & until the release of the video #2. To keep track of the investment throughout the year & to be able to show the exact results in one year from now, I created an online portfolio at cryptocompare & added the coins I already bought. Then I go into details about the fundamentals of the coins I picked & why I consider them a good investment to buy & hold for 1 year.

Video #2 complete portfolio:

The release of this video is expected to be around mid 2019 but I it could be earlier or later depending on how the markets continue to perform this year. I will be showing if there were any changes to the list of coins that I was watching in the beginning of 2019 but hadn't bought then. Then I will complete the portfolio for a total of $2k in 10 coins & hodl it till 2020.

Video #3 Results:

The release of this video is 1st of February 2020. This will be a public video on free youtube to show the results of the 2k in 10 coins portfolio. Everyone will be able to see for what price I bought this portfolio & how much is worth by February 2020.


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