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This allows you to view your order status and confirm the order has been delivered. Sellers can use this as way to fight potential chargebacks and provide proof that the order was delivered. You can view an example here: Paypal or Stripe

Public Order Tracking Information for Order # paypal:


Product Delivery Status: Product Delivered
Date Purchased 1 year ago
Order ID paypal
Buyer E-mail, product delivered to: saad@rocketr.net
Buyer Country US
Buyer's IP Address:
Product Delivered On: 1 year ago
Product Delivery E-Mail opened on: This message was read on 2016-07-18 15:58:33
Email Tracking Id: <20160718184739.36412.F74BA850B2EAFFF0@rocketr.net>
Payment Method:Paypal
Transaction ID:1NS11183A28193522
Payment Status:Completed
Paypal E-mail:payments@rocketr.net
Amount Paid:$0.05

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