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Beautiful Product Page

Our beautiful product page allows you to sell your digital items without having to go through the hassle of setting up a website. You can even embed buy buttons to your existing website or blog.

Extensive Analytics

With our extensive analytics engine, you can easily find out where your leads come from, which marketing tactics stick and gain essential insights that will help you grow your sales.

Multiple Payment Methods

By accepting a variety of payment options and methods such as PayPal, Stripe (credit cards), Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Perfect Money, and more, you can ensure that every demographic has the ability to purchase your product.


You can easily create discount coupons to captivate potential and existing customers. Coupons can offer a flat or percentage rate off and can be set to expire after a certain period or number of uses.

Accept Credit Cards

By Easily and Securely accepting credit cards from your customers, you can increase your customer base and gain more sales.

Product Protection

We have built in tools to ensure that only your customers can access your product. With pdf watermarking, ip limitations and tracking, you can ensure that your products are not being leaked.

Messaging System

You can use our built-in messaging system to easily contact buyers and receive messages from potential buyers, all without having to leave your dashboard.

Pay What You Want Pricing

Increase your sales with pay what you want pricing. Learn more here:

E-mail Marketing

By using our built-in email marketing tools, you can let your customers know about your promotions and updates regarding your products and services

Affiliate System

You can use Rocketr's affiliate system to exponentially increase your products’ visibility and thus also increase your earnings.

Free Products

In order to build your audience, you can offer free downloads and license free software. Then you can put our e-mail marketing tool to use :)

Fraud Database and Blacklist

In addition to adding previous scammers to your blacklist, you can also prevent buyers from purchasing through a proxy or VPN (if you so choose)

IPN System

With our IPN System, you can easily integrate with your existing system. Receive a post request every time a buyer has purchased a product.

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