[Zzukbot] 1-60 Horde + 1-60 Alliance (Wrobot Alternative)

[Zzukbot] 1-60 Horde + 1-60 Alliance (Wrobot Alternative)

This is my Zzukbot profile Package!. It is the older code of Zzukbot that was made public, profiles are all im selling - the rest is free to download below.If you can afford 30$, I advise you to checkout my Zzukbot 4.0 profile package - as this was recently updated and released

Zzukbot vs Wrobot

:Zzukbot is a Grinder Only bot. You simply load the profile, and the fight class (Both included in the downloadd) and click start. The bot will run around and kiill mobs!In ways its better than wrobot because of its easy of use. I reccomend using this bot if you are a Grinder Only person.

What you get when you buy this and download:

1-60 alliance

1-60 Horde

Some Gold Profiles

All Fight Classes (All Classes) (Free on most forums - only included as a courtasy)

ALL Buyers MUST have the Client + Dependencies (.net 4.5+, visual C++ 2010, 2012, 2015)Zzukbot 1.0 Client https://mega.nz/#!k7BFCQDD!y2mUxVfqW4G6vHhWfeai9BTzSSjuT2-JuVWnA09v1ys

Zzukbot 1.0 Dependencies (REQUIRED)https://mega.nz/#!F6ZSgS6R!WkZGSoq_5lxWVHtM-C9wU8AZPZnkVziVhFB-NfjI_AU



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