Damage Hack - Vanilla | Nethergard/RetroWoW/Feenix

Damage Hack - Vanilla | Nethergard/RetroWoW/Feenix

World of Warcraft Vanilla - Damage Hack.

UNDETECTED - Elysium Nethergrand 4/2/19



This hack allows you to kill mobs with crazy ammounts of damage, you can use it with botting aswell (but if your AFK botting not reccomended due to other players maybe seeing you 1 shot shit.)

please read the ReadMe.

Banrate = LOW. Just dont use it infront of other players. Simple.

Does NOT work on Northdale

Does work on Nighthaven / Elysium / Nethergarde

No guarentees about bans, This is a 3rd party program and i am not liable for any ban you may receive. Be smart, dont do stupid stuff!I have a NO REFUND Policy on 3rd party programs. Once you buy it m its yours. You can make a lot of money with this if done correctly.



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