What is it?

It's here! This setup is the highest quality skyblock server! This server comes packed with custom features and some amazing improvements to the gameplay! This is without a doubt the best setup on the market!

Test Server

The test server is now out at

Here comes the fun part! This server is complete with multiple islands consisting of multiple difficulties. There is also leader heads which will keep track of all the top players. Full of donor ranks for your players to donate too. This skyblock server is completely ready to plug into a server and play.Yes! Your players are tired of the basic skyblock so of course, I upped the ante and am brining you multiple islands that your players can choose when creating their island.


No player likes mining for hours after hours with nothing but cobblestone coming up. Well, we fixed that, now instead of cobblestone being created in a generator there is a chance of other ores such as iron, gold or even diamond.As always, I bring you pre-configured paid ranks to help you earn some money from this server! The ranks can be found below and players can be given access via Buycraft or another website.


Here are the best trails in all of Minecraft! Not only are their preset trails for donators but there is also a custom trail maker that all donators can use!What would the best Skyblock setup be without some amazing crates? This setup comes with 3 amazing crates with chances already configured and ready to go! The first crate is a vote crate made to be given to players when they vote for your server. The other two crates are donor crates that should be given to donors or very special players.

Island Control Panel

Players can use their custom control panel to easily navigate to all the custom features of the server! This control panel can be access with commands or through the NPC at spawn.


Each player has a chance to go double or nothing with some good old fashioned gambling. Not to fear though we made sure to put no alcohol in the drinks.


This shop setup is balanced especially for Skyblock! With the sell prices of ores balanced specifically for the custom ore generators to make sure no player finds and exploit or glitch in the shop.


No more C418! Finally some real music your players can toggle and listen to! Players can choose from a variety of songs. Choices are per player so each player can listen to a different tune.

Warp List

Enjoy a nice GUI to make warping to different places easier for players and staff. All warps are fully working and require no extra configuration.


This setup comes with a gorgeous featherboard configuration that is sure to satisfy anyone's needs. This configuration will not increase lag on the server and is easily toggleable with /fb off.

Premium Plugins

I tried to keep this minimal for all on a tight budget. However, you will need to get ShopGUI+, Leaderheads, Featherboard, Voteparty, Tab, Gal Listener If getting these are an issue I have alternative methods if you PM me.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments about the configuration. Please don't forget to rate.

Discord Server


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