ILKS Automated Trading Forex Robot Software

ILKS Automated Trading Forex Robot Software

You must be aware of the strong earning potential in the Forex Market. You also know that more than 95% of the people lose in Forex Market in trading.

Do you know Why? I’m sure you know. But let me try to answer as well:

1. Lack of knowledge

2. Lack of patience

3. Discipline

4. No Proper Plan

5. No Target

6. No proper SL and TP

7. Don’t know when to enter and exit

8. Sentiments and Emotions dominate over knowledge and mind

9. Difficult to digest Losing trades if any

And much more. Maybe you can add many points over here based on your experience.

Automated Forex Trading Robot is good for you:

• If you are new to Forex Trading or someone who has more lost % then winning %

• Fed up trading manually

• Never tried a stable and reliable EA bot.

• Hate Hedging EA

• Want to trade only if Market is Profitable, Safe to trade (Just on Price Action and Break-Out strategy)

• Don’t have time to sit in front of your computer to wait for the right trade to open.

Here is one of the best solution so far

Here we present our Green Pips Trio KS Profit Making EA Robot.

· This EA mainly works on MACD, STR, EMA, RSI and many other live indicators and strategies to Open and Close Orders.

· It works and open trade after proper market analysis.

· Risk and Money Management based on Lot size and Equity Balance

· One User- Unlimited Usage– Life Time Validity – One time pay only

· Can automatically hedge (soft/slight) if needed with proper risk vs reward calculation.

· Auto-Trading: Open and Close trades automatically itself.

· Works with minimum balance $100 Cent Account or I would recommend $500+ in standard account

· Multi-Currency Robot but works on all Currency Pairs but best with EURO Pairs

· Open trades when trading conditions and spreads are favorable

· Works in all Time Zones

· Set and Forget - Just set and Forget

· Past Profitability Has been in the range 50%-120% per month depending on lot size and equity capital. But Past or Current performance is not indicative of future Performance.

· One time already COVID discounted price for Lifetime with free updates at just $349.


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