Smert V1 - 24 Hours

Smert V1 - 24 Hours

Buy 1 key access for 24 hours access to Smert v1. Make sure you contact DanK on discord / skype / forum or website chat if you have problem.

You are probably asking, What's different from the Smert v2? (Well Smert v1 has different aimbot rework, different driver/bypass and different injector and of course different database). If 1st version goes down then v2 will replace it and vice-versa.

Official Smert Video:

Smert Car Flying Funny Video:

Main Smert Functions:

• Full ESP Option including Players ESP, Players Health ESP, Players Distance ESP, Players Names ESP, Cars/Vehicles ESP, Loot ESP, Line ESP (it draws a line to every enemy in sight)

• Aimbot with smooth and legit features including Bone (Choose where you want to aim at), Key (Aimkey, You can select whatever key you want to use the aimbot with, more options are available), Dot (It shows a red DOT / [x] on the enemy), Smoothness (The more you increase the smooth value, the slower aimbot will snap, making it look a lot more legit), Distance Modificator, Jump

• Radar 2D (You can see the nearby enemies on a mini-map radar below your screen). On Radar option you can choose whether it should be a circle or not. On the "Side" option you can choose which locations appears on the bottom screen.

• Misc (You can have fun with these features but you can also get banned very easily, use at your own risk). No Recoil, No Reload and Vacuum Cleaner are included in the Misc options. Ignore No Reload and Vacuum Cleaner as these features do not work properly.

• Flying Cars. You can fly with any car ( Use W,A,S,D / Q,E and the mouse in order to move around and fly with the car across the map)

• Auto-Updater. This pubg cheat autoupdate it self ignoring the small pubg updates (Also everytime it goes offline for update, the time goes back to the user)

System Compatibility:

All versions of Windows 7 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10







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