Cymra Versus Witches

Cymra Versus Witches

In a forgotten star system, a dead planet has been made the incubator for an artificial life form. Forged by a mysterious intelligence, the vower are being engineered to thrive in the galactic wilderness. If successful, the species will proliferate sapience across the stars.

But first they must evolve.

Aiding their ascension from primitive to enlightened are the geln: bio-machines built to promote vower organic and psychological development. With their semen, the geln enhance vower biology via gene altering viral infections. With violence, the geln armies drive the vower towards civilization via ceaseless struggle.

Through sex and war, the geln will guide the vower to divinity.

In this comic, Cymra (a legendary geln from the first Axial Age) finds himself in a vower pithouse where the thirsty witches are well prepared to enslave stray geln.

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This zip file contains 34 jpegs in this package providing a variety of crops and resolutions for the 7 picture gallery series "Cymra Versus Witches."

The series includes:

6 wallpaper jpegs at 1920x1080 for a 16x9 monitor.

7 Close-Up jpegs (CU) providing a zoomed view of the characters and action.

7 uncropped jpegs (Full) showing the entire image - bleed and all.

Plus- One 14 jpeg texted comic. Jpeg resolution is 1920x1080.

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