Green Pips Profit Maker Forex Trading Robot EA

Green Pips Profit Maker Forex Trading Robot EA

Born poor is not your fault its destiny BUT…dying poor is your fault for sure

The Green Pips Profit Maker – Auto Trading Robot for Forex Market- The Most Advanced, Accurate and Real Profit Maker

· If you are new to Forex Trading or someone who has more lost % then winning %

· Fed up trading manually

· Never tried a stable and reliable EA

· Hate Martingale EA

· Want to trade only if Market is Profitable, Safe to trade (Just on Price Action and Break-Out strategy)

· Don’t have time to sit in front of your computer to wait for the right trade to open.

Here is the best solution so far

· The EA is Green Pips-Profit Maker EA. Our Green Pips team exhausted our decade of knowledge, experience, analysis, technology expertise, expert level coding, algorithms and much more. This has been consistently successful. ·

·Unlike other EA’s which promise to make you a millionaire in a month. This EA works and trades only and only if there is any Price Action or Break-Out. It comes up with inbuilt news Filters.

· Unlike other EA’s where the owner shows you only Blue/Green trades in profit this EA will show you and actually works hence it will show both Red and Blue Pips. Overall you are guaranteed to be a winner.

· It will open trades only based on your equity balance (proper Risk and Money Management)

· It will execute trades only if pips spreads are favorable

· Someday it will not open a single trade just because if there is no significant movement or there is no Price Action/Breakout

· You will really need nothing else. Simply install. Fill the fixed lot and click on Auto-Trading. That’s it and it will take care itself and work only and only if market shows any Price Breakout/Action.

More About Green Pips Profit Maker Forex Trading Robot:

· 3 User License – Life Time License – One time pay only

· NON Martingale EA - It’s a non martingale EA - No hedging

· Price Action/Breakout Strategy: Works only when there is Price Action/Breakout movement in the market· Auto-Trading: Open and Close trades automatically itself.

· Works with minimum balance $200 only

· Multi-Currency EA - It works with a preselected set of many major currency pairs.

· Open trades when trading conditions and spreads are favorable

· Works in all Time Zones

· 100-400% ROI Potential per month – Change fix lot with the profits and you can achieve more then this.

· News Filter – Inbuilt news filter

· Set and Forget - Just set and Forget

· Proper Money and Risk Management: It opens trade based on your equity balance with a proper assessment of risk.


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