[TBC][PvP] Subtetly Rogue

Disclaimer: This fightclass only works with the English client. It is possible, that I will add support for more later. Do NOT use this in arenas. This is not PQR.

For questions and bugreports, please reach out to me directly.

Rogues are not an easy class to automate, let alone look human as. Therefore this took a little longer to come out, but I am satisfied with the results.

I have used this Fightclass to farm around 150k honor and several different BG marks without ever being reported.

You need to have Wound Poison V and Crippling Poison II in yours bags!

Dynamic Rotation Based on Players Around You

  • Can sap targets close by
  • Blinds healers and can sap after they drop out of combat during blind
  • Can Vanish several spells, such as Blind, Hammer of Justice, Death Coil, etc (BETA)
  • Several gap closer mechanics, so you won't get kited a lot

Situational Spell Usage

  • Uses all your spells, including PvP Trinket, Will of the Forsaken, Cloak of Shadows, Shadowstep, Vanish, etc


  • Uses spell rotation that are unlikely to make anybody recognize you as a bot

This profile uses frame lock. This means it freezes your game for a short amount of time to make sure no spells are skipped and the correct spell in the rotation is always selected.

If you have problems with your FPS, deactivate frame lock in the profile settings.



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