[GMR] 1-60 Alliance | Classic Retail GMR 3.0

PAYPAL Purchases - If you want to pay with Paypal Contact me on Discord - Andoido#0218

PAYPAL Purchases - If you want to pay with Paypal Contact me on Discord - Andoido#0218

PAYPAL Purchases - If you want to pay with Paypal Contact me on Discord - Andoido#0218

You must do the following:

1) Buy my Profiles

2) Buy GMR - gmrwow.com

3) Buy EWT or Luabox - ewtwow.com

Andoido's 1-60 HORDE afk Botting Profiles:DETAILS ( 25$ Buyers):

  • HUMANIZATION - All profiles use a special technique to make your bot NOT look like a bot. My routes are Pristine and i offer LONG , Medium, and SHORT routes in most locations. Or zones. No other buyers do this and if they do they got it from me. (i never gave them the howto on it soooo..)
  • Vendor + Ghost + Repair + Unstuck - All of my routes contain a Vendor Route (with a repair merchant), Ghost Routes, and Unstuck Routes (Areas in the profile where the bot might get stuck.)
  • 85+ Profiles So far - My standard 30$ pack includes all 85 profiles. I am satisfied with the content, and ANY more profiles i make - will go to my 70+ buyers.
  • Vendor Shortcuts / Portals - This is a new technique i am implementing to my profiles. So you dont have to follow the ENTIRE route's circle, just to vendor - Instead you will have a Shortcut / portal - which will cut Vendor Routing down a TON.
  • Max EXP/Hour Locations - I have made over 5,000 profiles for various bots, and i know the best locations - I will be renaming my profiles soon - so you know which route is the "best" for your level.
  • Multiple Routs for Your Level range! - I will have multiple locations for every level range - so you have a big selection to choose from.
  • Automatic Updates - Yep! When you buy - you will get a Rocketr Link or Coupon (depending on method of payment) - That Rocketr Email - will contain a Link, which is AUTO UPDATED every time i update it - so you just simply Download.
  • 24/7 Support - All buyers will receive 24/7 supoprt from myself or my moderators
  • Current pack is DONE - Any new profiles, will require an upgrade from 30 to 70.COMING SOON:

ABOUT ME (My Experience as a Profile Creator):

Over the last 8 years i have created 4,000+ profiles for various bots (Zzukbot, Vanillabotter, Honorbuddy, Betterbot, WROBOT, GMR, Glider, Pirox, Pixle based bot - and more.What this means is I have the moest experience of any of the sellers on the market - and know the best locations. I also have learned many tricks in this time (like humanization) - which will make you least likely to get banned.

DISCORD - https://discord.gg/NE5z7tT

DISCORD - https://discord.gg/NE5z7tT



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