[Multi-Expansion] AFKing and Humanizing Plugin

AFKing and Humanizing Plugin

This is a new multi-expansion, multi-functionality plugin. I wrote it to fix some of the inconveniences, bugs and "bot-like" behavior wRobot comes with sometimes. Down below is a list of features, that this plugin brings to the table. Any plugin that has the same/similar functionality to my public (free) plugins has been improved in functionality and CPU usage.

Here you can find a 1:30 hour long video of a pure quester run from level 1-12 where you can see some of the plugin's functionality. The "running away" part of the plugin can sometimes be buggy within caves.



  • can automatically set food and drink
  • runs away from fight if you're likely to die (can be seen several times throughout the video - fails in cave sometimes)
  • spirit rezz if chain dying
  • hearthstone if stuck
  • only go to trainer every 4 levels
  • automatically use potions in combat
  • stop combat with tapped targets
  • advanced (combat) looter to never miss loot/skinning again

If you want to use the automatic Food/Drink buying feature, please make sure that your profile's vendors contain the following food/drink or deactivate it in the plugin settings.

Food:Haunch of Meat, Mutton Chop, Wild Hog Shank, Cured Ham Steak, Roasted Quail, Smoked Talbuk Venison, Clefthoof Ribs, Mead Basted Caribou

Drink:Ice Cold Milk, Melon Juice, Sweet Nectar, Moonberry Juice, Morning Glory Dew, Filtered Draenic Water, Purified Draenic Water, Pungent Seal Whey



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