Megachams - 1 Week

Megachams - 1 Week

Megachams Mod

You can kill people thro wall from any distance (1 bullet of Shotgun from 300+ meters example). Oh yea you can really do it! watch the video below

Prices: $22 USD 1 week / $44 USD 1 month

This is a budget cheat. That doesn't mean is bad or give bans. Megachams has been safe for quite a while and works on all Windows 10 and Windows 7 Computers.

Megachams Magic Bullet Demonstration [Click To Play on all 4 videos] :

Megachams No Recoil Demonstration:

best picture.jpg

What is Megachams?

Megachams is a mod pak (similar to the pak we sold in the past. This cheat does not have aimbot or normal ESP like other cheats. However big improvement has been done and now with this pak, you can see enemy hiding by enabling the "ESP Feature" which flickers the texture constantly. Magic bullet is also a new feature that has been implemented. The funny thing is, you won't get banned unless you abuse/rage with the feature. However we still categorize Magic Bullet as risky feature so use only on cheap cracked pubg accounts.

Megachams is The only Safe Pak Mod which offers constantly updated features & safe for over 30+ days not to mention the new flickering feature which shows where all enemy hide, similar to the ESP. Our Megachams can be compatible with all our other cheats. The Readme.txt will be found inside the folder (Please read it so you can understand how to setup the cheat, is very easy actually, this is nobrainer).

Once you subscribe, you will receive access to the Megachams Mod for the time purchased under Store --> Manage Purchases, Manage . You can activate it "whenever" you want (We suggest you activate the key within a week).

Megachams Pak Mod Features:

- Humanized No Recoil / Streamer No Recoil [its really invisible to spectators, while providing almost 0 recoil ingame so you can fool anyone]

- Super No Recoil (Somewhat around 70% less recoil)

- Ultimate No Recoil (100% No-Recoil)

- Discolour or Chams (Color Players and Armor will be changed to red/yellow/cyan etc for much better visibility. )

- Sound optimization (only hear footsteps etc., no background noise)

- Magic Bullet (Can kill any target from 300+ meters with any weapon, the bullet reach the target instantly and kill him). Enable this feature at your own risk

- Deathbox (Color Deathboxes)

- Nightmode (The clear sky will turn into night)

- Mosaic floor (draw the floor flat and nice and white)

- Remove Roof, Trees, Bushes, Water

- Full map mosaic (draw everything, car houses.. mosaic)

- Snowmap (draws everything nice and clean, check the picture under)

- Rainmap (The clear sky will start raining)












10 Shots sprayed with AKM on 100% Ultimate NoRecoil:



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