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WEquip is a Vanilla WRobot plugin that automatically equips optimal weapons, armor, rings and trinkets.


– Plugin Text Color – allows the user to select the plugin's log text color

– Plugin Debug – allows the user to print WEquip specific debug messages

– Dual Wield – allows the user to enable or disable dual wield, i.e., the equipping of off-hand weapons

– Auto Equip Quality – allows the user to enable auto-equip of items based off of the following qualities:

  • Grey
  • White
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Orange

– Auto Equip Weapons – allows the user to enable auto-equip for the following weapons:

  • Bows
  • Crossbows
  • Daggers
  • Fist
  • Guns
  • One-Handed Axes
  • One-Handed Maces
  • One-Handed Swords
  • Polearms
  • Staves
  • Thrown
  • Two-Handed Axes
  • Two-Handed Maces
  • Two-Handed Swords
  • Wands

– Auto Equip Armors – allows the user to enable auto-equip for the following armors:

  • Cloth
  • Leather
  • Mail
  • Plate
  • Shield

– Auto Equip Misc. – allows the user to enable auto-equip of trinkets and rings.

How it works:

The plugin continuously searches characters' bags for equippable items, e.g., Cloth Armor, Two-Handed Swords, Wands, Rings, etc.

Once an equippable item is identified, the item is compared against the user's plugin settings; if the item matches the user's settings and it is found to be of a higher value than what is currently equipped, the bag item replaces the currently equipped item.


Vanilla WoW does not provide the ability to retrieve extensive equipment information from the game client, such as armor ratings, DPS and stat bonuses. Due to the limitations imposed by the Vanilla game client, an internal database is used to compare items. The plugin's internal database does not reference equipment stats when comparing equipment, instead it looks at overall item value – plain English example: a green level 26 dagger is of higher value than a white level 17 dagger.

Again, stats are not used to determine whether or not an item should be equipped – Vanilla WoW does not provide a way to retrieve this information from the game client.

Dual wield support is available if the option is enabled in the plugin's settings; if dual wield is enabled, it is recommended that the auto-equip settings for all Two-Handed weapons be disabled, otherwise a higher valued Two-Handed Axe may replace dual-wielded One-Handed Swords.

Be careful with the quality settings, as the plugin will automatically accept prompts to equip Bind on Equip items – this means rare BoE items are not safe if this setting is enabled.

Disclaimer: I, the owner and creator of this product, am not associated with the WRobot company.

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