Ulimate Enlightenment Course

Ulimate Enlightenment Course

ElitePercent will help you achieve your true potential. We will give you the knowledge and training to achieve ultimate abundance in your life. This is the Ultimate Enlightenment for what we consider the most important areas of your life. What makes someone part of the Elite Percent of achievers on the planet? We will take you through what is required for health, wealth, EQ, sales, communication, career building and relationships to make sure you become part of the top, top percent.

List of Modules:

  • Finding and Fulfilling your Purpose
  • Happiness Philosophy and Enlightenment
  • Creating Abundance for yourself and Society
  • Time and Energy Management
  • Mastering Brand and reputation Marketing
  • The Best platforms for your brand
  • The Elite Keys to success
  • Negotiation Mastery
  • Sell your ideas so you can impact the world
  • Master your time and output
  • Dominate on search engines and SEO
  • Power up your Charisma
  • Creating Strong and long lasting relationships
  • Sales Mastery - including Social SEM
  • Free Yourself from the 9-5Mastering Social Marketing
  • Learn the secrets to success on Amazon across several countries
  • Following through is the key to success
  • Shortcuts to Promotions and Pay rises
  • Ultimate Job Satisfaction
  • Love and Relationships
  • Master Attraction so you can attract anyone into your life
  • Meditation and Instant Relaxation
  • Luxurious living - experiences that only the Elite have access to.


We don't just want to be experts in our chosen field or in our personal lives, we want to be the ELITE. This doesn't come easy, it's about having the determination to work smarter (not necessarily harder) and following through on the courses so that you put into practice what we show you. We want to catapult you into the top echelons of global achievers. Follow the most successful practioners of our time. No-one will be able to stop you. With this enlightenment and knowledge, your contribution will no longer be limited to yourself and your personal circle. But you will be contributing to the wider community, you will be contributing to society's greater good and abundance. You will have the ultimate success and recognition.


This Module is presented via video content, the Preview video above gives an introduction to what you will find in the module. Written content to reinforce what you have learnt.



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