[VANILLA] Lbniese Warrior - wRobot Fightclass (1-60)

[VANILLA] Lbniese Warrior - wRobot Fightclass (1-60)

[VANILLA] Lbniese Warrior - Vanilla (1-60)

Advanced WRobot Fightclass

The fightclass is still being actively developed


Vanilla Fully Supported

Optimized for 1-60 leveling

Optimized for the Fury Spec

Optimal Fury Rotation

Optimal Arms Rotation

Cooldown management

- Death Wish

- Blood Fury

- Recklessness

- Retaliation

- Rampage

and more...

Smart Movement

Crowd Control (Intimidating Shout)

English Client Required at the moment

Feel free to send me suggestions and bug reports!



Seller: Lbniese

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