Ghost - 31 Days [Apex Legends]

Ghost - 31 Days [Apex Legends]

Buy 1 key access for 31 days access to Ghost. Make sure you contact Dank#2899 on discord / forum or website chat if you have problem.

Ghost no longer offer day keys (Developer choice). Only trial key for testing the cheat + Month key only. PM Dank in discord for more informations! This is one of the most secure cheats!

Ghost Features -

Right Click Aimbot:

  • Simple Aimbot/Aimlock on enemy
  • Bullet Tracking (Always follow and hit the target, never miss any bullet and aimlock like a glue on the enemy is not necessary)
  • No Recoil (Well you know what this does already. Removes completely the recoil from the game)


  • Full ESP features containing

    • Player 2D Box ESP (Red Color)
    • Player Health Number Text ESP (0-100)
    • Player Distance Text ESP (1-300+)
    • Showing distance of Armor, Medkit, Weapons & Backpack, Supply Box and etc Full Item ESP (Currently Chinese except weapons)
    • Armor, Medkit, Weapons & Backpack Item ESP

Misc Features:

  • No Backseat (Explain Later)
  • Bullet Speed (Explain Later)
  • Custom Green Crosshair ON/OFF


Ghost Official Video:


Apex Legends Cheat Ghost Screenshots

apex legend cheats.png

apex legends hack.png

apex legends hacks.png

apex legends cheat.png

apex legends esp aimbot.png


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