PWGhost Builder v3 (ONLY $10)

PWGhost Builder v3 (ONLY $10)

PWGhost is now Better than Ever!

Introducing PWGhost Builder v3, a "Remote Installable Pass Stealer" Builder.

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It's just a Keylogger, which lots of people have. Why would We buy this?


Simple, because it's nothing like a keylogger...A keylogger installs and sends ALL keys typed until the person uninstalls it. You wait to see if any passwords come up with a 10% chance of getting anything.....Whereas PWGhost Infects the Users PC Browser Files and Emails the DumpedPassword log to the Email you used in the "PWGhost Builder v3". PWGhost works on 95% of PC's, 5% are protected & deliver blank logs with only pc info. PWGhost alsoincludes the PC's External IP in the PW Log to ensure You can adjust Your VPN/Proxy Service accordingly..

PWGhost Builder v3 has's Auth System built into it to Ensure No one is breaking into Your account.

So, Whatcha waiting for? Buy PWGhost Builder v3 TODAY!

Price = $10.00 USD, Payable via Bitcoin & Ethereum.

Video of PWGhost Builder v3:

NOTE: I have started selling @ $10USD via btc/eth, this is a non negotiable price.


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