How to contact Me (Important)

How to contact Me (Important)

Hello, This is just a post to let You know some methods to contact Me.

Maybe Your IP was blocked and You can't download Your product, Or maybe Your wanting to ask about a product?

Either way, You can contact Me below

Discord User: ItzNova#4642 (I Check Messages Everyday)


I Have since moved My configs to another gateway, You can find the link below

If ANY configs don't work, You have 1 Hour to report so, to Me on discord (It's okay if Im not online, Message Me anyways) saying "Config bla bla bla isnt working" and ill match your message time to that of the order time. also include Your EMAIL which you purchased with (So i can confirm Your the one who ordered)

Ill then test the config myself and if its not working, ill try to fix and send the fixed copy.....if i can NOT fix, then i will refund You (Minus initial transaction fee


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