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WImprove is a Vanilla WRobot plugin that improves upon several aspects of WRobot's base functionality.


– Improved Combat

  • Melee distance and direction checks that prevent 'You are too far away!' and 'You are facing the wrong way!' errors
  • Ignores tapped mobs, preventing bot-like behavior if current target is stolen by another player
  • Adds randomized melee combat movements so as to appear less bot-like during combat

– Improved Looting

  • Adds combat looting – loot distance defined by user

– Improved Bags

  • Auto-equips bags; will replace smaller slot bags with larger slot bags

– Improved Skinning

  • Skins only mobs within range post-combat; will skin prior to eating and drinking

– Improved Object Interaction

  • Prevents movement during object interaction that interrupts casting, e.g., mining, herb gathering, looting chests, etc. – no need to modify client latency when enabled

– Improved Breathing

  • Attempts to resurface while swimming and low on breath

– Improved Gathering

  • Prevents gathering of herb and mineral nodes that are above the character's current profession level
  • Temporarily disables gathering during zeppelin, elevator and boat rides, and also during 'Follow NPC' quester steps
  • Allows users to blacklist specific herbs and minerals

Disclaimer: I, the owner and creator of this product, am not associated with the WRobot company.

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