[Wrobot] 1-60 AFK Alliance Quester/Grind RANDOMIZED NoAuth

[Wrobot] 1-60 AFK Alliance Quester/Grind RANDOMIZED NoAuth


Completely Automated 1-60 Quester + Grinder. This pack will level your character from 1-60 and automatically detect where to start. Night elf and Human starting zones are Supported currently. Druid Bear Form for Night Elf is supported thanks to Eeny.Warlock void-walker quest is also included.

This profile has been Randomized which means that You will go do some questing and if you dont meet the requirements for the next level range you will go grind. The grinding is Randomized, meaning there is between 1 and 4 grinding spotsfor each level range EG: 10-13, That the bot will Randomly select each time you start or stop the bot.

Ingame should say version 5.5 - or what ever you see as the title of this post.

Support Discord:


Looking for GRINDER Only ( Has about 20 quests. ) ?


Profile Details:

AUTO UPDATES - You no longer have to Re-Download!

  • 100% AFK Botting
  • Custom Pathing so the bot doesnt die when running
  • Will use ships
  • custom flight paths
  • will buy weapons
  • will train skinning or herbalism
  • Gnome Starting Area Support
  • Human Starting Area support
  • Warlock Class Quests (imp and voidwalker)
  • Druid Bear Form
  • Randomized Grinding locations
  • Will use Tram between SW and IF
  • Will use Elevator in Thousand Needles
  • Custom profile settings on startup
  • Huge trainer and repair/vendor database
  • Over 90 Quests
  • Hearthstone Usage

More Info, Original Post.


Live Stream - Updates / Profile Creation



  1. Human Master Plugin - By matenia - This plugin is my #1 reccomend. It will make your life so much easier.
  2. Move During Combat - by Droidz
  3. Paid Fight Classes (Matenia has great ones)
  4. iTalents - Free
  5. Give your starting character at least 40 silver if you can afford it
  6. Set search radius to 88
  7. Train Skinning, and Enable it (Bot will auto train, but doesnt enable yet.)

Custom Bot Settings:








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