FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Sniping Bot

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Sniping Bot

FUT 21 Ultimate Team Sniping Bot

  1. Auto-buy countless amount of players then list them for a specified price
  2. Auto-buy countless amount of players then send them to transfer-list
  3. Auto-buy one player then sell/ send to transfer-listEasy to use user-interface
  4. Sniping Bot menu option on FUT Web App side-menu
  5. EA tax calculator Requirements
  • Windows PC (computer or laptop) or Mac
  • Google Chrome
  • Less than 3 minutes to signup and install
  • Make sure you have access to the transfer market on the FUT Web App

Purchase Instructions

Once you have purchased this product, proceed to the following steps:

Send an email to [email protected] with your Paypal email address. You will get a reply with all the instructions and everything you need. Once you've followed the instructions, you should be done and all-set to become rich in FUT 21!

More Information

The Sniping Bot automatically buys players according to the filters given or by specific player nameOnce it has successfully bought a player, it can either sell the player for the specified sell price or it can send the player to the transfer listIt also logs when players are successfully bought or if an attempt to buy a player failedThe bot takes a break for however long the user wants

User is able to change the delays between searches

The bot can automatically clear sold items or relist unsold items on the transfer list

You can ask us any questions you like about the bot.


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