Global Market for Cables, Insulators, and Towers

Global Market for Cables, Insulators, and Towers

Electricity demand is growing, and demand for cables, insulators and transmission towers is growing with it. However, a variety of distinct development paradigms are at play. While developing countries have primarily seen point-to-point radial distribution instead of intermeshed networks, many developed countries have pursued a policy of putting all urban distribution underground. Policy variations like these can then have knock-on effects. The NRG Expert Global Market for Cables, Insulators and Towers report and database will help you navigate this market sector. It provides detailed data and analysis on annual demand and capital expenditure (capex) for over 180 countries. National grid maps are also included for selected countries.### Key Reasons to Purchase this Market Research

This NRG Expert Report and Database provides essential data based on our forecasts and analysis of the cables, insulators and towers sector. Reasons to purchase the database include:

  • Gain a global understanding of the cables, insulators and towers market sector
  • Understand the trends, developments and opportunities in this market sector
  • Manipulate the in-depth data
  • Prepare market size evaluations and sector forecasts

Background to this Market Research

  • T&D networks are expanding rapidly
  • This sector will be in high demand as networks expand
  • Grid stability and reliability have been key drivers towards new investment in the transition and distribution markets in past years

Highlights from this Market Research

Network DevelopmentsGrid stability and reliability have been key drivers in the past years towards new investment and overall spend in the transmission and distribution markets, with fewer major outages occurring in recent years. Despite a strong focus on renewal, especially in Europe, there is also significant expansion of the grid network taking place.

Grid InterconnectionsWith increasing smart grid technology and new investment, coupled with added generation capacity, grids that were once standalone are becoming increasingly interconnected to one another. There are many technological hurdles to overcome however. With rising energy prices fueling interest, more projects are coming online.



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