PPU Module 2 - Starting your Business

PPU Module 2 - Starting your Business

Running an online business has a lot in common with running an offline business. Both require you to do the basic “setup” stuff to get the business ready to bring in revenue, and to keep that revenue coming in over time. The difference in the online world is that there are lots of new concepts to deal with. If you’re under 30 years old, most of these concepts probably aren’t new to you, even if you have no direct experience with them.

That’s why the “tech stuff” and online business setup activities are such a roadblock for so many people. It’s like facing a mountain you have to climb before you can see what’s beyond it. The Passive Profit University Module 2 will help. I’ve written it in plain English so I can introduce the terms and concepts you need to know…and only those. You don’t have to know everything, or be a technical wizard. All you need are some basic knowledge and skills to get things set up and keep them humming along.



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