ListJanitor Pro

ListJanitor Pro

Top email marketers have been hiding this secret from you, but today I have it for you.

This is a powerful software for email marketer that goes live tomorrow, but you can have a chance today to get it.

List Cleaning

That's the biggest secret to successful email list marketing, because if you're grabbing your list only

using the autoresponder optin you're losing a big opportunity.

You should be able to build your list everywhere.

On your blog, inside your memberships, in your products, why have your optin only at one place?

You should be able to mail the list you get when you partner with someone and launch a product.

Why limit yourself?

With a clean list you will find it easier to get into autoresponders, and also to mail using SMTP services like and Amazon SES.

List Management & Segmentation

Effective list marketing goes beyond mere list cleaning. With advanced list management and segmentation features you will be able to mail your lists in a more targeted manner and make more sales.

Go and Get it!



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