Horde Dungeon Quester ALL Dungeons / 100%AFK / 230+Quests

Horde Dungeon Quester ALL Dungeons / 100%AFK / 230+Quests

Dear fellow WRobot Users, I am glad to finally release my Dungeon Quester for Horde.

- Does all the Quests necessary to aquire all quests for a specific Dungeon. This includes all Quest Chains before the Dungeon.

- Turns all of them in afterwards with the same Profile. This includes all Quest Chains after the dungeon, to make sure that all rewards are aquired.

- Over 230+ Quests included. Most Class Quests included, e.g. for Sunken Temple.

- You can start the Profiles at any Level, since I coded all Quests with the appropriate level requirements!

- Recommended levels to be able to aquire all Quests are included!

- 100% AFKable - Zeppelins automated - The profile has been coded so there has to be 0 user interaction.

- Notifies you with a Windows Messages Box as soon as the PickUp/TurnIn for the specific Dungeon is done! Also the Bot stops automatically when done.

- Quests, which are started from Items that drop in the Dungeon, are also included in the Dungeon Quester Profiles.

- More Quests will be continiously added, although this Profile already contains about 95% of all available and soloable Dungeon Quests.

- Discord Support for Recommendations/Bugreports: thxgod1#9824

DISCLAIMER:You are buying a digital copy of a product. Refunds are not possible. If you agree to buy this product, then you accept those terms.


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