Skywalker - 24 Hours

Skywalker - 24 Hours

Buy 1 key access for 24 hours access to Skywalker. Make sure you contact DanK on discord / skype / forum or website chat if you have problem.

WEEK / MONTH are also available. PM DanK#5399 in discord to ask about prices and buy.

Main Skywalker Features:

- Player ESP which fully includes TeamESP, Player Name, Player Distance, 2D Player Box enable at choice, Skeleton ESP enable at choice, Player distance limit, Player corpse loot, Airdrop loot showing all, Weapon & Ammos ESP, Vehicles/Cars ESP, Full Item ESP showing every item that you need such as medkit, weapons and more!

- Fully functional legit aimbot (it's made in a way that will look very human and doesn't snap instantly or stick to enemy obviously). You can enable/disable easily from menu and set up your own prefference aim key. You can customize the FOV and set the aimbot distance. You can also disable the aimbot in squads so you won't hit your teammates. Working and safe no-recoil was added recently and there were no bans issues reported! There are more functional features regarding Skywalker aimbot, just check out the menu and have fun!

- 2D Full Radar (showing enemy position)

System Compatibility:

Windows 10 1809-1903-1909


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