[TBC] Shadowpriest Fightclass 1-70

Disclaimer: This fightclass only works with the English client. It is possible, that I will add support for more later.

For questions and bugreports, please reach out to me directly.

If you use this fightclass to level, I recommend getting a Wand asap.

Priest’s are a hard class to bot, but perhaps your love for the class is overwhelming and you just can’t help yourself. I’m here to help ease your frustration and to optimise the class for mana efficiency and reduced downtime.

After coding for several weeks, I’m proud to present you with a priest fight class that contains the following:

Dynamic Rotation Based Upon Level

  • 3 different fighting rotations for below 20, below 40 and above 40

Situational Spell Usage

  • Uses all your spells, including Silence, Fear and Devouring Plague in appropriate situations

Highly Mana Efficient

  • Tries to use as little mana as possible while leveling. The rotation was built with increased uptime in mind. Therefore it Wands whenever’s most beneficial
  • Uses different heals at different percentages
  • Smart in PvP, if used at level 70, including silences, dispels, mass dispel, deathing polymorph, etc

Automatic Skill Detection

  • Automatically detects if you learn new spells while leveling, no need to restart the bot

This profile uses frame lock. This means it freezes your game for a short amount of time to make sure no spells are skipped and the correct spell in the rotation is always selected.

If you have problems with your FPS, deactivate frame lock in the profile settings.

If you want to use this profile in PvP, please enable "attack players" in the profile settings.



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