Beta 1.0 - 1 Month

Beta 1.0 - 1 Month

How to Buy

1. Visit our store:\_45702.

2. You can buy week or month from the link above automatically only with Bitcoin. If you wish to pay with Paypal pm Dank#4983 in Discord. For Paypal only accept friends and family payments.

3. Auto Delivery to your Email key code + loader (Make sure you use gmail and check both your inbox/spam).

4. Send a friend request on discord to " Dank#4983 " if you need support.

About Beta - Tom Clancy's The Division 2

Our developer has been working on Beta for 6+ entire days in order to make it a successful fully working and safe cheat, without any sort of issue or bugs. We had several beta testers to ensure the cheat is in good condition. The price is high because we want the cheat to be undetected for long time. The game is between 50-60$ so i am sure you don't want to buy some cheap cheat and get you banned within 1 hour. It won't happen with Beta, safety is 100% guarantee. The only CON about game is that once you buy a division 2 account, you have to play a day versus pc/bots before playing with real players. Now let's talk more about or features below!

Beta Video:

Beta Features:


• Simple Aimbot/Aimlock on enemy

• Magic Aim (This is our Bullet Tracking Feature. Only our cheat in Apex Legends has this original feature. The BT feature will always follow and hit the target with 100% accuracy regardless of where you aim. You can kill a boss in-game extremely quickly with this feature ON ,let alone players. And yes, you can disable the aimbot and bullet tracking will remain ON, tracking any nearby enemy within your FOV, you will become a "pro player" without anyone suspecting anything.

• Firing Rate (Can shoot up to 200 bullets in 1 second. It makes a huge difference. Check our video to see what i can do

• FOV (Field of View. You can adjust the FOV of the aimbot in order to make it look more legit, instead of snapping from an enemy to another by mistake

.• Customizable Aimbot Key (Left or Right Click for now)


• Show Enemy,Civilian and Player at choice

• Display Target Nickname

• Display Target Distance in Meters

Beta Screenshoots:


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