How to Get paid to Give Away Free Ebooks.

How to Get paid to Give Away Free Ebooks.

Find Out How To Make Great Affiliate Commissions Giving Away Free Ebooks to Strangers.

Thanks for stopping by. I am going to share with you information on how to make money giving away free ebooks.

Now you may be thinking, “Hey man how can you make money online by throwing your ebook away”? Well far from being mad.

Let me explain. I create an ebook which will provide the info to solve a particular problem. But instead of selling it, I give it away and make money. How? In the ebook, I will give you some instructions or directions on how to solve a particular problem. This will usually involve an online purchase. When you make the purchase, I am making money because the link to the merchant’s shop is actually my affiliate link. The merchant knows I am the one sending the buyers because I already signed up with them as an Affiliate marketer and they will credit my account accordingly. It can never be simpler than this to make money online. Stop struggling! This is your chance to start earning some extra income online. And this can be done part-time or full time.

This works to perfection and will continue to do so as long as people love free things.

It is common sense. Everyone loves free things. This is a very powerful marketing strategy.

Look at the big companies. Think for a minute. They all do it. They all run free promos. Are they mad? No; far from it. They are all smiling to the banks. That is why they do it and it has been on like this for decades now. And will continue to be so.

Look at the Coffee shops; you will pass the shop and someone will be outside offering you free tasters of all their different coffees. The same principle applies here. They know what they are doing. You are the one that do not know.

Personally, I earn money giving away ebooks to people online. This is an amazing method that I discovered to make money passively online. I do not claim to be the first person doing this. Many people online are doing this every day. Even Amazon is doing this with their Kindle Books.

Stop complaining that you are not making money online. You are simply not trying enough. This is your chance and it cost just $5. Get it Now!

What is Contained in my ebook?

In the above ebook, I reveal everything. Nothing is held back. I show you a simple way to create your own free ebook and places where you can place them freely on the internet and a lot of people will download it and read because it is free. Even if you can not write or you do not have the time to write, I show you how to get someone to do so for you for just a little over $20. Yes it is possible. Check Fiverr and other sites where people are offering such services like ebook creation for cheap. You can start with just one ebook.

If you buy the ebook, I can even give you one of my best performing ebooks for just a little amount extra. And this is a proven ebook you are getting. A book giving me the money you see in the screenshot below.

A proof of my earning from this method.

Above is a screenshot of one of my affiliate account. The money there is just from one free ebook. Imagine if you can have 10 ebooks like that.

As you can see, you do not have any excuse. This is entirely risk free. If you get the ebook and implement the method, you will make money for sure. You cannot say you do not like to write or you do not have the time. This can be outsourced easily. I show you how in my ebook. Everything is explained fully. Even how to distribute your free ebook is explained. So you cannot fail. This will be the best $5 you have ever spent.

Go ahead and get the ebook now.

Click on the “Buy Now’ button on the top right of this page. Click and pay. It is immediate download once your order goes through. You could be reading the ebook in the next five minutes. You get your ebook even if it is 12 midnight, No waiting.

Any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me here.


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