Cryptosphere Hunter Forex Automated Trading Robot EA

Cryptosphere Hunter Forex Automated Trading Robot EA

CryptoSphere Hunter Forex Auto Trader Robot - Trend-based trading Forex EA that delivers real results.

👉Consistent Performance: Cryptosphere Hunter has been consistent and profitable in the forex market. This forex bot doesn't just talk – it delivers real results in the dynamic forex market.

👉Trend-Based Success: Witness the power of trend-based trading with CryptoSphere Hunter. It rides the trend waves to open trades strategically. But here's the kicker: when the trend isn't confirmed, this Forex EA steps in with both buy and sell orders, only choosing a direction when the trend is solidified.

👉Lot Size Customization: One can ensure a fixed lot size – no increasing or multiplying (non-martingale style) or let the EA run on its own.

👉Smart Grid Integration: CryptoSphere Hunter uses grid trading, seamlessly incorporating the Grid Trading system for maximum advantage when required.

It works with 16 different indicators.

These indicators detect parallel trends within different time ranges which becomes market executions taking advantage of these changes.

According to the signals provided by these indicators, it will operate in different blocks of operations grouped into segments:

•Trend Strength

•Impact of Reversals

•Technical Analysis

•Price Action

•Candle Patterns

• Market Volume and others

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