[TBC][Alliance] x5 Quester

Disclaimer: This profile is a Quester for wRobot. You cannot use it on x1. There are grinders in it, if you somehow level at slower experience, but it NOT recommended and I do NOT give support for x1 realms. Please check out Arcangelo's x1 Questing Profile, if that's what you are looking for.

This profile is based on Arcangelo's/Eeny's x1 Quester for WoD/Legion. Because the TBC content didn't change a lot, I was able to re-use a lot of their quests. I added some of my own, fixed some where prequests were required and added some more waypoints, blacklists and vendors.

The first quest is Journey to Honor Hold. You need to do everything before that. Any quest you have already finished needs to be manually added to your finished quests in "Product Settings". This is a limitation of TBC and there is nothing I can do about it. Do NOT use "Blacklist Zone where I died".

It does:

  • a lot of quests in Hellfire Penninsula
  • almost as many quests in Zangarmarsh
  • a few quests in Terrokar
  • a few quests in Nagrand (you will hit 70 here)
  • a few quests in Netherstorm, but these are in BETA



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