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The Next Generation of Commerce

Rocketr is an all-in-one payment processing and e-commerce solution.
We want to make it easy and simple for all businesses to implement payment technology.



Rocketr's Payments platform allows you to easily integrate cryptocurrency payment methods such as Bitcoin and Ethereum with traditional payment methods such as credit cards or PayPal. Using our tools you can easily accept multiple payment options on your website through our API, in-store with our Point-of-Sale app, or invoice clients directly through your Rocketr dashboard.
Multiple payment methods

Rocketr allows you to accept and manage multiple payment methods including Bitcoin, credit cards and many more from a single location.

Simple integrations

Rocketr Payments makes integration as simple as pointing and clicking copy and paste. It's that quick!

Customer support

We pride ourselves on great customer support. Our dedicated integration engineers and support staff are there every step of the way.

Low fees

With an industry low fee of 0.50% on all Rocketr Payments transactions you can't afford to miss out!

Start accepting a variety of payment options today!


Our Storefront platform allows you to easily sell digital goods or services. After signing up, you'll receive a personal store page where you can list any of your products or services with tons of unique features! Visit a sample storefront


Rocketr's tippr bot is a Bitcoin Cash tipping bot for Reddit and Twitter. It allows you to send money by tweet or comment directly with zero fees. Popular usage includes donations, content incentives, and contests or giveaways.